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Does anyone know of any good songs or singers in Chinese?
11. Feb 2011 20:43
Answers · 15
1.David Zee Tao(陶喆) ---------,<普通朋友>,<爱很简单>…… 2.Wang Leehom(王力宏)-----,<改变自己>,<流泪手心>,<唯一> 3.Fish Leong(梁静茹)------- <天灯>,<会呼吸的痛>,<如果有一天>and all her songs.. 4.MayDay(五月天)------Best Band(i think..hehe) 5.Cheer Chen(陈绮贞)-----<旅行的意义>,<私奔到月球>
12. Februar 2011
leehom wang 王力宏 I like him very much~
12. Februar 2011
Wang Leehom 王力宏 He has a lot of good songs Please listen to his songs.
19. Februar 2011
Jolin 蔡依林 Fahrenheit 飞轮海 Elva 萧亚轩 ..... There are lots
16. Februar 2011
Teresa Teng 邓丽君——All her songs are classic,she is the pop represent in 1980s, China . faye Wang王菲——she has been named queen in pop music area ,and she is the represent in pop music till today today. Cheer Chen陈绮贞 Joanna Wang 王若琳
15. Februar 2011
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