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How should I say this site name "italki" ? which ?? 1. i ta ru ki 2. a i to-ku a i 3. a i to-ki
12 feb 2011 14:38
Answers · 23
Hi! Check this post 6 months ago. :)
12 febbraio 2011
It's officially pronounced "eye-talk-eye", but I say "eye-talky". My bad habit. ;) Sooo... either your second or third option looks fine to me.
12 febbraio 2011
1. i ta ru ki 2. a i to-ku a i 3. a i to-ki How come you brought "u" in? That's strange. Basically we have two options: ai talk ky (exactly the word "talk" in the middle) This one seems to be the most common one. ai talk ai, ie, "I talk I", which embodies the aim of the site more clearly but few people pronounce so. Yes, in my opinion the 2 "I"s symbol two individuals, one being talking to another. Hmmmmm!!! I wouldn't answer this question if I knew you were answering it too when I was answering it, Mr Peachey!
12 febbraio 2011
13 febbraio 2011
The third one is how I say it. :)
12 febbraio 2011
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