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Thai language may I know the meaning of this?? ทุกคนนอนหลับฝันดี!!!! 5555! thank you! :)
12 февр. 2011 г., 15:12
Answers · 2
May I try? :) 555 is Thai shorthand for laughter: "hahaha!" 5 = ๕ = "ห้า" = "ha"(falling tone) ทุกคนนอนหลับฝันดี basically means, "good night and sweet dreams!" Probably closer to "sleep and dream well, everyone". Here's how it divides up: ทุกคน = everyone. Recognise ทุก as meaning "all" and คน as meaning "person" (though คน can stand for "you" in a sentence). นอนหลับ = to sleep. ฝัน = to dream. ดี = good, nice, well (this is very common, learn to recognise it).
12 февраля 2011 г.
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