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白奎 Pasquale
what is the difference between 继续 and 进行 I believe 继续 means "continue" and "进行" means to carry on. But what is the difference between 1。我继续复习第三课 2。我进行复习第三课
Feb 13, 2011 12:01 PM
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继续,means something has been stoped,then somebody continue doing it. for example, 不好意思,打搅了,你继续学吧。(sorry for disterbing,continue studying please.) 进行is a special word,often used with another verb ,used for somethins is durative and formal 他们正在进行比赛(they are matching) 进行means be doing 现在进行考试(let's have exam now.) 进行means do/start 会议正在进行中(the meeting are having.) 进行means be doing you can say,我在复习第三课; 我在进行第三课的复习; 第三课复习进行中; 我复习进行到第三课了
February 13, 2011
第二句为病句 “继续”后可以加动词(verb),表示It was stopped,then continue。 而“进行”后所加动词多为比较、讨论、调查表示活动的词,but not the active verb。
February 14, 2011
正在进行=be doing(usually it is a phrases) 继续=go on it‘s different.
February 13, 2011
1。我继续复习第三课 (correct) 2。我进行复习第三课 (incorrect) 继续(verb)= go on /continue/ carry on you could say 进行中(in progress), 进行下去(keep on going). I only can think of one situation that you use 进行as a verb.. For example , you attend a party or ceremony or wedding. The time it is still in progress when a friend of yours who is late for attending comes to you and asks:" How's it going?" (进行得怎么样了?)
February 13, 2011
继续 to continue;to keep on (doing sth.);to hold on; 进行 (a little formal) to proceed 例如:让我们 继续/进行 下一个议程。Let us proceed to the next item on the agenda. “我们继续逛街吧 ”是对的,“我们进行逛街吧”是错的。 你的“我们进行复习第三课”是错的,进行常常直接接一个动词或者名词。 可以改成“我们进行第三课的复习”,或者“我们正在进行复习”。
February 13, 2011
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