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什么是你在广州的非洲社会的抗议有何看法? 我试着解释我的问题更好。 我读的有两万的visas,一共有10万的人在广州。大部分是从尼日利亚来的。 我的问题是,在有关抗议特别是在2009年7月,其中一名男子逃离警察了,从他的店的窗口逃了出来(二楼)就并受伤了。媒体解释说,后来大的抗议活动人民把交通停止了(video在youtube上)。看来,交通堵塞了,救护车就来的慢的。不过,人群携带了那个人到派出所,没到医院。 我读的黑人的要求是visa的正规化。您对这个事变有什么看法?
Feb 13, 2011 2:09 PM
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February 14, 2011
简单的说这件事的前因后果。 起因:中国警察发现黑人男子非法兑换货币(解释:中国对于货币兑换有很多规定) 经过:在警察执行公务过程中,两名黑人男子试图逃跑而受伤。进而引发更大规模冲突。 结果:不了了之 背景:中国现有大量黑人聚集在上海、广州、武汉等大城市,其中不少属于非法移民。对当地治安造成威胁。
February 14, 2011
sorry Jessica, that's not even a sentence with any possible meaning. u have the whole article? Maybe I can guess the real meaning.
February 13, 2011
We are from the earth. The concept "country" is not important. 我们都是地球人,国家这个概念不重要。In the future, there is no noun as country exist. 以后国家这个词语不会存在。Because all the country will become one country, it is globalization. 因为所有的国家都会变成一个国家,这就是全球一体化。The importance for the human is to cooperate to fight against the Alien. 重要是人类应该合作对付外星人。All the war, all the collide is really stupid. 所有的战争和纷争都是愚蠢的。
March 26, 2011
这个句子应该是“你对广州的非洲社会的抗议有何看法?”吧。 the last few years,more and more africans have come to Guangzhou and live there.As a result , when you walk in the streets,it is so commen to meet the black people .Some of the Africans have done bad things like committing a crime and selling drugs which will be surely to cause damage to the whole society.So a few of citizens are against the increaseing amount of the black people in Guangzhou.
February 13, 2011
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