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who can help me translate these sentences into Chinese (Unit 1 Education) 1.The magnetic needle behaved as if influenced by a hidden force field, rather than through a mechanical method of touch or contact. 2. He liked the fact that America, despite its inequalities of wealth and racial injustices, was more of a meritocracy than Europe 3. He gave in to her nagging that he smoked too much, and on Thanksgiving bet her that he would be able to abstain from his pipe until the New Year. 4. So it is not much of a stretch to see him as instinctively fearful of Greenspan. 5. What made this exercise memorable was the magazine’s huge investment in economics and statistics, which generated an avalanche of data that went far beyond what the Commerce Department was then publishing. 6. Some time after Sandy’s death I found myself reminiscing about all this with Hedley Donovan and mentioned his decision to resist hiring Alan 3 Greenspan. 7. So there’s a good chance that if he had been offered the magazine job, he would have declined it, which implies, in turn, that Fortune’s failure to make that job offer had no lasting impact on the American economy. 8. Perhaps management education would beat off its critics more effectively if it went back to its beginnings, and got more corporate managers to teach.
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Hi this is result from using the translation flag next to your text. Other Italki members could edit it for you 1,磁针的表现好像一个隐藏的影响力方面,而不是通过触摸或接触力学方法。 2。他喜欢一个事实,即美国,尽管财富和种族不公正的不平等,是比欧洲更3次精英。他给了她在唠叨,他抽烟太多,而且在感恩节打赌她,他将能够放弃他,直到新年的管道。 4。因此,这不是一个很大的伸展本能地看到他作为格林斯潘担心。 5。这是什么运动纪念的是该杂志的巨大投资经济及统计学,其产生的数据,远远超出了当时商业部发布了雪崩。 6。过了一会桑迪的去世时,我发现自己对这一切回忆与赫德利多诺万,并提到他决定抵制雇用艾伦3格林斯潘。 7。所以这是一个很好的机会,如果他已提供的杂志工作,他将拒绝它,这又意味着,这财富的失败,使这项工作提供,并没有对美国经济产生持久的影响。 8。也许会击败了管理教育更有效地批评,如果回到它的起点,并获得更多的企业管理人员任教。
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