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I'm not sure what 'falls' means in this context, thanks! The original sentence goes: The administrative overheads of a business are low to the extent that everyone working in the business can be trusted to behave in a way that best promotes the interests of the firm. If they can each be trusted to take such responsibilities, and to exercise such initiative as FALLS within their sphere, then administrative overheads will be low. "Falls" seems to me a noun, which refers to the "low" of administrative overheads from the first sentence. I'm not sure if I am correct. Thank you!Thanks Sacha, but I'm still quite confused. So...fall here is a noun, or 'falls within the sphere' can be taken as a whole,as some kind of a phrase or idiom to say things that are under the interest/responsibility. Is it expression a rather informal one? Because I really can't see it from either dictionary. Thanks again!Also, can I replace 'fall' here with other responsibilities / obligations?Thanks Dancing bear, so 'fall' in this sentence is a verb? @_@
Feb 13, 2011 3:59 PM
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In this instance, "falls within their sphere" means something that comes under their area of interest/responsibility. It isn't related to something that is low, although I can see why you would think this xxx
February 13, 2011
falls is a verb here - yes! Sacha is right. If something is included in or catagorised in your sphere, it can be said to FALL in it. I love languages and linguistics. Syntax falls into/within the area of linguistics.
February 13, 2011
"Occur within" could be substituted for "fall within."
February 13, 2011
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