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How to say "Would you like to try...?" in Japanese?
Feb 13, 2011 9:06 PM
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"~てみる/てみますか? " 動詞のte-formを「~」に入れてください。 「ねえ、このチョコレート、私が作ったんだけど、食べてみる?」 「うん、ありがとう。」 "Hey, I made this chocolate myself. Would you like to try?" "Sure, thanks."
February 15, 2011
Your question "Would you like to try...?" is so interesting. It maybe difficult for them who learn Japanese or English, otherwise. So as you can see that the verb "would" is the Past Tense's verb of "will", so you maybe sure to substitute "do you want to ... " for "would you like to ...". The meaning of "do you want to..." and "would you like to..." has the same sense in Japanese. But who knows? Below the examples are presented: 君も行くか。- You want to go? きたいですか。 - Do you want to go? この雑誌を読みたいですか。- Do you want to read this magazine? 今日外食したいですか。- Do you want to eat out tonight? お座りになりませんか。- Do you want to sit down? あなたは何をしたいですか。- What do you want to do? So here you can see that the forms ………したいですか。 ……….なりませんか。 are close to the sentence "would you like to....?"
February 14, 2011
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