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Whad does in mean in arabian? 1. Sarah iz mesh galtan? 2. eh Что это значит? 2 фразы. Спасибо! this is Lebanese dialect. My Lebanese friend wrote is, so I think it should be like exactly "Sarah iz mesh galtan?". Actually. I don't understand the meaning of this? Maybe it can mean something else? And about "eh"
15 de feb de 2011 11:52
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"Sarah iz mesh galtan?" maybe you mean "Sara iza mesh galtana" sara=name for girls Iza=if mesh=not galtana=wrong "Sara Iza mesh galtana"="if Sara not wrong" if that what you mean,so this dialect is Egyptian or Lebanese dialect. as "angela" said,eh?=what?
15 de Febrero de 2011
Sarah iz(If) mesh(not) galtan(Mistaken)? so he want to say you are Sarah if am not mistaken eh= what/yes P.S: Syrian and Lebanise dailect are very similar
19 de Febrero de 2011
its mean ( Sarah is not wrong) or(Sarah is not mistaken) eh=(right)(true)(yes)
17 de Febrero de 2011
i want to know too. plz let me know when you got the right answere
16 de Febrero de 2011
eh = can also mean " yes " in Lebanese dialect
16 de Febrero de 2011
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