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Is "even if" as same as "through" and "althrough"? Is "even if" as same as "through" and "althrough"?
15 de feb de 2011 15:55
Answers · 3
Not the same for me. "Although" and "though" are synonymous and they approximately equal to "but" and "however". "Even if" means "despite the possibility or fact that".
15 de Febrero de 2011
even if means no matter whether Even if I leave now, I'll be too late. although/ though means but although/ though i study hard, i get bad marks i study hard but i get bad marks
15 de Febrero de 2011
"Is 'even if' THE same as..." (not "as same as," which isn't English: you can say, "as big as" or "as old as" or hundreds of other adjectives to compare two equal things, but not "as same as"--we say "the same as").
15 de Febrero de 2011
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