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As topic markers go, what is the difference when you use "ga" and "ha"?
2011년 2월 16일 오후 12:47
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It's so difficult one(._.;) When one says "sth ga"or"sb ga",he wants to emphasis the SUBJECT. And when one says"sth ha" or "sb ha",he want to emphasis the following VERB or ADJECTIVE . Oh,and we don't say "Watashi ha 〇〇 ha 〇〇 desu."or"Watashi ga 〇〇 ha 〇〇 desu." Say "Watashi ha 〇〇 ga 〇〇 desu." just like "Watashi ha osushi ga suki desu."(私はお寿司が好きです。I like sushi.) ;but the difference is not so important,i think(^o^) Sometimes,even in the same situation,one uses "ga" and another uses "ha". Maybe you can collect my English,please(^-^)☆
2011년 2월 16일
Easy. "ga'" is NOT a topic marker. It is an IDENTIFIER. It identifies who or what initiated the action (or equivalent) represented by the verb. "ha" is the topic marker in Japanese.
2011년 2월 18일
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