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Could anybody please translate to German these (or any of these) sentences? Vielen Dank!:) 1) "What are you waiting for?" (asking for someone's reaction to something) 2) "Shut up!" 3) "Will you forgive me?" 4) "Listen to me!" 5) "It's your fault" 6) "What would you do in my place?" 7) "F**k off !!"
Feb 16, 2011 4:47 PM
Answers · 11
1) "Worauf wartest du?" (asking for someone's reaction to something) 2) "Halt die Klappe!" 3) "Wirst du mir vergeben?" 4) "Hör mir zu!" 5) "Es war dein Fehler." 6) "Was würdest du an meiner Stelle tun?" 7) "Fick dich!"
February 16, 2011
The correct translation of "F**k off!" is "F. d.!" or "L. m.!"
February 17, 2011
mashup did give a good translation. For #7, there is no really direct translation to 'Fuck off', you can use: Fick dich selber. Verpiss dich. Hau ab. It should be noted that 'fick/ficken' has a direct sexual meaning, whereas the English 'fuck' is more a general term and often has no implied sexual meaning.
February 18, 2011
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