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Osman Tutar
must ve should arasındaki farkı bir türlü anlayamıyorum, lütfen açıklar mısınız?
16 févr. 2011 18:42
Answers · 3
"kind of " means to some (great or small) extent. " The weather was kind of cold"; "The party was kind of nice" "should" expresses a piece of advice, a recommendation "You should do your homework" (that's my opinion, I'm advising you) "must" expresses an obligation: "You must do this test " (you have to, you are obliged to)
16 février 2011
must is used for obligation or necessity you must go to bed early . you must obey the law. i must leave now because my bus is coming in 10 minutes. should is used to give advice: you should help your friends. you should give up's bad for you.( you can take the advice or leave it.)
16 février 2011
Must i Ingilizcede zorunluluklari anlatirken kullaniriz.. Ornek; Kanunlara uymak zorundayiz.( You must obey the law.) Yalniz " have to " ile must i birbirine karistirma !!! Should u da Nasihat ederken veya baska bir diyisle oneride bulunurken kullaniriz yani bir zorunluluk yoktur , oneriye uyup uymamak onun tekelindedir. Ornek; You should give up smoking. It's bad for you. Sigarayi birakmalisin. Sigara senin icin kotu. Fofa nin orneklerini kullandim belki anlamana daha cok yardimci olur.
20 septembre 2013
Osman Tutar
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