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i like tears
why do people like to learn english.. and why most of the chinese people like to talk about USA & UK...??
Feb 16, 2011 6:53 PM
Answers · 4
People are curious that is why.
February 16, 2011
We just want to learn more knowledge, make more friends, but it also vary from person to person
April 14, 2011
Question 1 Simply because english is one of world wide used languages, and compare to other languages, english is not that hard, and most of chinese have to learn that in high school or even earlier Question 2 If the movies came from Uganda, and most of the news is around uganda, than of course, chinese would talk about Uganda more. btw, i thought that usa is something the whole world eager to talk about . About Uk, hmm, i did not know that chinese talked lot about that, i thought only someone like british music would be crazy for that. well, England and Usa are like brothers, when we talk about one of them ,than hardly do not mention the other one . they always move together, right?
February 16, 2011
i like tears
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