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That Molly was quite a girl in those days. She knew how to enjoy herself all right. What does 'enjoy herself all right' mean?
16 Şub 2011 19:38
Answers · 5
It could mean anything. Maybe she liked to dance, or maybe she liked to have many boyfriends, or... .
16 Şubat 2011
The words "all right" are an informal way of saying "indeed" or "truly." You could say, "That's a fast horse, all right" to say that you believe that it's a very fast horse. (It's best with a comma as I've shown it.) The phrase is unusual in written form, but common in informal spoken English. So as the others here have explained, she really knew how to enjoy life. This usage suggests there might be a bit of a disapproval in the speaker; it would be said with a raised eyebrow, and would imply there was a great deal more to be said than would be polite to describe.
17 Şubat 2011
It means that Molly was an outgoing and social person.
16 Şubat 2011
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