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Should Russia give back the South Kurils Islands to Japan?
Feb 17, 2011 8:03 AM
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The results of the WW II must not be rivised. Do not forget that they were the Kurily islands,from which the troops of the agressor started their operation for distruction Purl Harbour. To rivise means to change the most borders in the world. The UN has the special resolution on the item. Those islands are the strategical border of Russia, form the sea there the our internal sea. Russia never rejected the projects of cooperation with Japan concerning the development of the territory. It is not the problem of the russians that another country has too small territory. If japonese people lived there many years ago, why not to remember about germans of Sylesia, about Elsass and may lead us even to the greeks in Konstantinopol...
February 17, 2011
If the Russians weren't such chauvinists they would give them back. Unfortunately, they still live in a primitive state where holding on to your spoils is a matter of "pride and national dignity". If they had any brains at all, they would return the islands and enjoy proper relations with Japan. But they chose to install a mafia state instead. Who needs help from a developed democracy when you can lie and cheat your way though life and treat you nation's citizens like dirt?
February 18, 2011
I really think this question should be answered by the Islands' dwellers. I don't know their opinion. My hope is that their opinion would be capable to make a decision, without too much bad feelings among the population.
February 17, 2011
Yes they should, because these islands, which lie north of Japan’s Hokkaido island, have been controlled by Moscow since they were seized by Soviet troops at the end of World War II. It is obvious that the southernmost four are Japanese territory.
February 17, 2011
Yes why not ,If China will give back the Spratly Island to Philippines. cowboy...
February 17, 2011
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