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What does "I'm cleaned out." mean?
17 lut 2011 18:40
Answers · 5
lean out 1. To rid of dirt, rubbish, or impurities. 2. To empty of contents or occupants. 3. Informal To drive or force out: cleaned out the incompetent workers. 4. Slang To deprive completely of money or material wealth: The robbery cleaned us out.
18 lutego 2011
Those first two answers are right. But, now don't laugh! Sometimes people say that when they haven't been able to go to the bathroom. So they go to the store and buy a laxative to "clean them out". This topic would not be a very glamorous subject in a movie, but real people do have these real problems sometimes. Maybe not in a movie would you hear this topic, but you might hear someone in a pharmacy tell the pharmacist they need something to clean themselves out.
17 lutego 2011
You have nothing left. Usually to do with money, ie. your wallet has been "cleaned". No more dirty money clogging it up. ;)
17 lutego 2011
maybe you mean that you arenot occupied or you are free also it could be you are broke, have no money
17 lutego 2011
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