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Mujhe question I understand mujhe means literally, "to me"... So to say I like or love something do I always use mujhe and not main? Ex. Mujhe chanamasala pasand hai or mujhe bhookh lagee hai (i am hungry) I am confused about when to say main and when to say mujhe in general... Why is it mujhe to say "i like chanamasala", but also to say that "i am hungry" (i made a mistake today and assumed i would use main to say i am hungry...i was wrong.) Bachao! :)
Feb 18, 2011 2:30 AM
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Okay let me try to explain you! * whenever you are giving your's reference,expression, views .. to other people, at that time , we have to use "mujhe" and & *whenever you are saying about yourself, for example mostly we use "i am" for those sentence in english, at that time use "main". Well here you are not hungry, you are feeling hungry . so we have to use mujhe.
February 18, 2011
From what I can see your realization is correct, but "main bhookhi hoon" literally breaks down like this: main- I bhookhi - hungry hoon- am so in a sense that is also correct because you would be saying "I am hungry" As Tushar said, you should stick to using "mujhe" in these cases. Let me know if that helped. PS, my hindi/urdu isn't that great, but I can still be of help. :)
March 3, 2011
to me u seem correct in ur realisation i m hungry main bhookha/bhookhi hoon. i m feeling hunger. mujhe bhookh lagi hai but i would recommend u to stick with second sentence as it is a better way of expression
February 18, 2011
ok I think I might understand... So... mujhe means to possess, so i am saying i possess a liking for chanamasala....or i possess hunger. rather than saying, i AM hunger. I think I get it. Can anyone confirm that my realization is correct? Wow, this is language is challenging and fun :) Dhanyavaad!
February 18, 2011
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