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Can anybody help me a bit with the word order in sentences in Norwegian, please? Is the word order in Norwegian sentences similar to the German word order, or is it more like the English sentence structure? If you know what I mean... If you think of a random sentence in Norwegian, would the structure of the sentece be identical to English? I can't find this anywhere:S Thank you very much:)
Feb 18, 2011 4:46 AM
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The sentence word order in Norwegian (and other scandinavian languages) can be a bit difficult. Since we have so few conjugations of nouns, pronouns, adverbs and verbs, the sentence structure defines the function of each word. In that regard it´s more similar to English than German, but it´s rarely identical to Norwegian. Very simplified you can say that Norwegian sentence structure is: Subject - Verb - Object. "Jeg - liker - deg" "Ana spurte meg om norsk grammatikk" "Steinar svarte henne" However, there are cases where we put the subject behind the verb, BUT only if there is another word at the start of the sentence - usually an adverbial defining something about the action (and most often the time). "I dag spurte Ana meg om norsk grammatikk" With that in mind it´s probably more accurate to say that the VERB of the sentence is always put in the second part of the sentence. In questions, the "question word" comes first, followed by the verb: "Hva spurte du meg om?" "Hvorfor lurer du på det? Here´s a web page in Norwegian with some more examples, and a somewhat advanced system to place the words in the right order. Just ask me if you have any more questions, this subject is too big to describe all at once: EDIT: There are, of course, some exceptions to the rule of having the VERB as the second part of the sentence: - Yes/no-questions fx. "Liker du meg?", "Skjønner du hva jeg mener?" osv. So, if a sentence starts with a verb in the present tense, it becomes a question.
February 19, 2011
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