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the teacher along with her students is viewing a film? why do we use is not are??
18 févr. 2011 17:51
Answers · 4
because the teacher is the subject. It should have some commas "The teacher, along with her students, is viewing a film."
18 février 2011
Like so: "The teacher (along with her students) is viewing a film." "Along with her students, the teacher is viewing a film." "The teacher is viewing a film, along with her students." So in short, it is the teacher who is viewing the film. The students are just extra information.
18 février 2011
we use "is" because the subject in this sentence is the word "teacher" not "students". since teacher represents one person...we can't use "are" to describe her actions, we will use the singular form...which is.."is". hope it helps! =)
18 février 2011
Because we're only talking about the teacher. Her students might be not viewing the film right the moment. Like "the man beside the girl is smiling".
18 février 2011
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