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accepting compliments in korean? Someone told me that in Korea, when somebody compliments you, you aren't supposed to accept it. So, if someone says "치마하고 쟈켓이 너무 잘 어울려요" I shouldn't just say thank you, I should say something like "아무거나 입고 나왔는데.. 다행이네요." Is this true? And to what extent? I'm trying to write a short report on the difference between Korean culture and Nigerian culture, and my dad said that in Nigerian culture, people try to avoid self-praise, so they will say thank you and then down-play the compliment... like, if someone says "You look pretty," you shouldn't just say "Thank you," but something like "Oh, you think so? Thanks." or "It's all thanks to God." The main thing is that you shouldn't put all the praise on yourself... how is it in Korean culture? (:
Feb 20, 2011 12:58 AM
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It really depends on their own personality and the relationship .. between friend or family.. if someone compliments me I would say " I was born like this -,-;;" but my wife didn't do like this way.. If someone I'm not friendly with compliments me I would say ' 아 고맙습니다. or "아닙니다.' because .....
February 24, 2011
I'm Korean..In this case, Many times I just say 'Thanks'.
February 20, 2011
In Korean culture, it's a bit odd to say "Thank you" when someone compliments you because it sounds like you've wished to listen to the compliment. For this reason I didn't feel comfortable to say it in English when someone complimented me. In Korea I can't remember if I've ever said "Thank you" when someone complimented me. Most of the time I just smile or say words like "No" or "I'm not good at it...blah blah blah" depending on the context. Smiling is the safest choice. Sometimes women say something like "My face took makeup very well today" when someone says "You look pretty". ( >_< Things go like that.
February 20, 2011
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