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What does mean "take someone to the rock"? & In "For the love of you" who loves who? They are parts of a song by the Swell Season #Low Rising
Feb 20, 2011 7:08 PM
Answers · 5
"Take someone to the rock" It is either referring to a place known as "the rock" or it is a metaphor. What that metaphor might be escapes me... but the 'jump right in and see what that big ocean's got' might be giving us a clue.... "For the love of you" "For the fact that you are loved (by me)." Or it could just be nonsense. A lot of song lyrics are just words strung together.
February 20, 2011
Thanks Larry!
February 20, 2011
What does it mean? or What does the following mean? or What does this mean? or What is the meaning of this?
February 20, 2011
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