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Please can someone teach me how to make authentic kimchi? I really want to try it! :-)
Mar 27, 2008 3:29 AM
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Youtube video: Korean site: In order to make good taste of Kimchi, it requires around a month of fermentation. The unique taste of Kimchi is called "감칠맛" (gam-chil-mat). This taste is made through fermentation.
March 27, 2008
Korea is a small country. There is no enough land to grow vegetables.In winter. it often snows and it is very cold. In old days,people found pepper was very good for them. They also found salt water could help them keep cabbage longer. So they mixed pepper,salt and cabbage together. They named it kimchi. 下面介绍辣白菜的制作方法. 制作过程 1.将收拾干净的整颗白菜分两半或四等分(注:竖切),腌于盐水中; 2.将萝卜切成细丝.;3.牡蛎(海蛎子)和海鲜用盐水洗净;4.萝卜丝里放入适量辣椒面,将其搅拌; 5.将各种调料(蒜、姜等)捣成泥状加入(4)里,加入适量鱼酱、盐、白糖调味拌均; 6.最后放入牡蛎拌均(馅制作完);7.将馅夹进腌好的白菜叶之间;8.从白菜芯开始抹馅,直到外层的叶子抹完; 9.最后用最外层叶包住,把辣白菜整齐地码进缸里,上面用一层腌白菜叶轻压. that's hard for me to translate into english,sorry——|||
March 27, 2008
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