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Chinese friends: Why do you want to learn English and how do you do it? I'm learning Chinese and I do it by studying chinese characters on a website, learning new vocabulary on a different website, and talking with language partners. I usually ask my partners if a word is common to use and also to give me an example sentence of how they use it. I wanted to learn Chinese because my family background is Chinese, but I don't know the language. Also, I'm living in China and doing business here.. so you can't live in China without speaking Chinese! What about you? Do you go to English schools like EF or New Oriental? Have a private teacher? Language exchanges on the internet or in person? Use websites to learn words and grammar? Watch movies, TV and listen to music? And why do you want to learn it? To get a better job? To talk more with your foreign friends? To meet a nice English speaking boyfriend or girlfriend? To travel to another country? To pass a test?
22 lut 2011 23:04
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well....the fact is that English is becoming a skill more than a language, so basically, if you want to have a good quality of life, English is absolutely crucial. when I studied a language, I started with a course book which suits me till I get the intermediate level and then I talked with native speakers , watched TV and read newspapers.
23 lutego 2011
the govenment ask us to learn but many people do not use it anymore after graduate. it is a waste of time.
23 lutego 2011
The reason I want to learn English is I have to do so . I study in NYC and English is a must. For students at school here, all classes teach in English. I live in Chinatown and I don't speak English in my daily life in the community. My English professor said my grammar is bad and she suggests me to do the language exchange to improve my English. I thought the fast way to learn English is look forward to meeting with native English speaking language exchange partner. You can learn the conversation practice. It doesn't work for me. iI am worry about meeting with a stranger. It's not safety to do so before you get well with the person you are going to meet, especially for woman. For me, I thought English a "universal language" , if you speak very well English, you can make a lot of friends from all over the world. And I would like to learn more English in order to me to learn more American culture. I love to listen radio to learn English.
1 stycznia 2015
so you just want to know why we chinese want to learn English? there are so many reasons for we want to learn a languagel, when I was 12 years old, that was the first time I touched and knew the English, I loved it. I studied hard, and got high scores in school. But when I finished my four years college studying, I'm lazy, I can't insist that. and I'm so scared when I met the foreigner, even though I wanted to have a chat with them. so can you help me? Is there any way can help me?
6 marca 2011
HI,there I learning English coz I think I need like talking with foreigners , some are clients and some one likes you -- on net ... I think talking more ,know more , it must good for me in the future... I learning English coz my majar is Business English but at last , I found all I know is little , so I would like to chat on net more , and sometime read , watch movies , although my English seems poor , but I will try my best to learn if leisure time.. btw,Thx for adding me ... :P How is it going ?? Seems you always busy for work ...
2 marca 2011
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