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I saw a dog which/that was similar to mine. That or which?what's the difference on the use?
2011년 2월 23일 오전 2:43
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That. Which is generally used when you want to introduce a new clause within a sentence. I saw a dog, which was similar to mine, but i didn't like it. I saw a dog that was similar to mine, but i didn't like it. In this case, when you use which, it's a bit like: "yeah and by the way.. the dog was similar to mine". It's additional information, which can change the nuance of the sentence, but it's not part of the main sentence. <- just like in this sentence. Just google that/which and you will get lots of results covering this. You can also read more about dependent clauses here:
2011년 2월 23일
Both are correct. In this case there is o difference in meaning.
2011년 2월 23일
My vote is for "which". Use "which" to specify one out of many options. "That" is a basic indicative. "I saw a dog which (out of all possible dogs) was similar to mine." Even native English speakers confuse 'that' and 'which' (most opt for "that" without thinking), so if this is a question on a test, I'd love to hear the actual result. :)
2011년 2월 23일
"that" is better "which" ,cuz use"which" with tone turning
2011년 2월 23일
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