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I find a little issue in watching foreign movie I always heard someone who said that he would like chinese movies more than foreign movies. Because he thought the foreign movie is not his style, and sometimes he even can't understand what the foreign movie implies... I think the thing is from the subtitles! Of course, you may say, we could not understand at all when we were watching a foreign movie if the one that we were watching had not subtitles... Whether how good understanding ability nor how fast reading speed you have, you have to concede that reading subtitles is the biggest obstacle which always prevents you from getting totally details. As far as I am concerned, the major reason why we think a movie terrific is totally due to the details of the movie. In other word, we should say the details of movie is quite wonderful rather than what kind of story the movie talking about, isn't it? Then, you can't see all of details of a terrific movie, how can you say its not your style? Yesterday, I heard in bus that two passagers were talking about "The Bourne Identity" A said:" hey~ The Bourne Identity, is a very good movie, very impressive!" B:" come on... it is not my style, I dont like unlogical GONGFU movie... how can he go there and here with a illegal passport which had been suspended earlier; why didnot he kill the assassinators who had been take down by him ... etc?". OMG, apparently, B was telling, i think, us he didnot get details carefully. However, when I got home, and coincidently talked " THE BOURNE IDENTITY" with my friends on phone. I was told that, he didnot think it a good movie until he had seen the one with Chinese dub... Considering I am into Engish very much now, I am sensitive to all of details in foreign movie, and always watch many times until I get totally details even each word! So~~~ show me how do you think about it? do you agree my points? and ah... please point out the mistakes I made in my rough entry...
Feb 23, 2011 12:58 PM
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What are "foreign" movies? You're talking to an international community here, and the word "foreign" means nothing. If you are referring to "English movies", then please use the phrase "English movies".
February 23, 2011
"I always hear someone say they would like (prefer) chinese movies over foreign movies (movies=film). He thought that foreign mvoies implie....." I think it was very good :) A little confusing at parts
February 23, 2011
I hate dubbing. I'm a subtitle fan. :)
February 23, 2011
I think you are trying to say that staring at subs will partially draw your attention away from the picture (image), you can't focus on the gripping scenes as the story goes on. Yeah, that's for sure.
February 23, 2011
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