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How to differentiate the usage of -이/가 and -은/는 in a sentence??
Feb 23, 2011 2:52 PM
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Personally, i think it's one of the most confusing things about korean. I have asked and researched this so much and it didn't make me that much smarter. From the info i have gathered -은/는 put emphasis on the action where -이/가 put emphasis on the subject. I'm going to ask this here instead of starting a new question, so please tell me if i'm right or wrong: 난 잘래 - Is this like... "i want to sleeeep"? 내가 잘래 - And this like.. "it is I who wants to sleep, me me me, not you but ME"? A little bit exaggerated maybe, buy just so it's clear :D
February 23, 2011
Students often ask me the difference between '은/는' and '이/가'. Even so many native speakers can't explain these clearly. But here is the answer. I hope it could help you out a little bit.
February 23, 2011
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