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Urgently, What is the meaning of " bird rate" ? it's mentioned here the following: Users who register before April 1, 2011, receive an early bird rate so what does it mean?!
24 févr. 2011 06:14
Answers · 5
early bird = someone who gets up very early in the morning (just like a bird) It's an "early bird rate". It means if you get there early you will get a discount.
24 février 2011
It means "special pricing". A "discount rate" for having purchased something early.
24 février 2011
It's the rate at which the birds are flying to Syria to see the impending revolution there depose Assad.
24 février 2011
It's very impolite to write a sarcastic and unrelated answer in a question! But seems that someone here is trying to show his sense of humor though it's so very silly and stupid! I'm not going to reply, because I do respect myself!
24 février 2011
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