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Can you help? Think of a sentence! I have a strange request this time lol. I'm trying to practice tone changes in speaking as I really struggle with them esp the 3rd tone changes. Can you write down any sentences you can think of that have multiple 3rd tones, it can be any amount, ones all in 3rd tone are good too! Then hopefully I can break them down and end up with something like this (早晚)(洗澡)洗(冷水)澡(很好) have a cold bath morning and evening is very good 2323322323 The more different ones I can get to practice saying the better :) Thank you.
Feb 24, 2011 9:53 AM
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you want to practise your fluency?lol 水上漂着一只表,表上落着一只鸟。鸟看表,表瞪鸟,鸟不认识表,表也不认识鸟。
February 24, 2011
我以为我想买紫色的隐形眼镜 wǒ yǐ wéi wǒ xiǎng mǎi zǐ sè de yǐn xíng yǎn jìng (I thought I wanted to buy a pair of purple contact lenses)
February 24, 2011
我也很好。 你也很好。
February 24, 2011
(早晚)(洗澡)洗(冷水)澡(很好) 2323322323 因为连续两个第三声的汉字在一起,前面的汉字改为发第二声调,例如你可以在念“早”的时候,声音放轻柔一些和拖长一点,声调就自然变成第二声了。你自己练习一下吧。^ ^ 要练习好口语的发音,可以练习绕口令(Tongue twister)。 For instance:(练习第三和第二声调) 学习就怕满,懒,难, 心里有了满,懒,难,不看不钻就不前。 心里去掉满,懒,难,边学边干,蚂蚁也能爬泰山 还有以下的例句,估计普通人都玩不转^ ^ (如果你学会了,可以当相声演员了)
February 24, 2011
Everybody above got it wrong, except Eliot. I can give Beth a simple one here, like 请你走远点儿(qíngnǐ zǒuyuándiǎnr) To be honest, that was a really strange request this time. Because there are not so many multiple 3rd tone sandhi coincidence in Chinese. It is not necessary to make such an extremely hard example. Just follow the rules when you speak in Chinese: 1, Two 3rd tone words meet and they are in one meaning group, the first word changes to the 2nd tone. 你好níhǎo 2, Three 3rd tone words meet and they are in one meaning group, the second word changes to the 2nd tone and the other two remain the 3rd tone. 我很好wǒhénhǎo 3, Two 3rd tone words meet, the second one has become nuetral, it still can make the first one into the 2nd tone. 小姐 xiáojie 4,etc.
February 24, 2011
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