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What is the difference between 不用了and 没用? And is 没用 always the same as 没有用?
Feb 24, 2011 9:14 PM
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Their meanings are all depending on the context . For example, 没用=没有用 1) as an adj,,, it means something is useless or somebody is incompetent / not productive in a team 2) as a negative term of a verb, it means " I didn't use it / I haven't used it" -------How do you like the shampoo we bought the other day ? -------Oh, I haven't used it yet . <我还没用。> AS for 不用了 , when someone's trying to help you or do something for you, and you don't need, you could anser "不用了", meaning "don't bother, I don't need it. " When it refers to something you used to use, but don't wanna use it anymore, you could say "我不用了”,meaning "I don't use it anymore."
February 25, 2011
不用了 = I'm not going to use it. = I don't need it. 没用 = 没有用 = I didn't use it. And yes, 没用 = 没有用
February 24, 2011
Always it means: 不用了=I used to use something,but I will not use it. something is 没用(的)= useless =没有用(的) In communication: If you gave advice to smoebody,then he says 不用了,It means "thank you all the same." And when he says 没用or没有用,then your advice is useless.
February 25, 2011
不用了:用不着,不必了(它可能有用,但目前暂时对你没有用。)不为所用;不应用;不听从; 不采纳;废弃 need not 没用: 无用。1.不起作用;没有用处;2.以指没有作用的事物。3.不需要;不用。 4.犹无能;没有才干。 useless; of no use; of no help 没用:否定的意思 没有用:不完全否定
February 25, 2011
Simply, Q1. What is the difference between 不用了and 没用? ——不用了 as a phrase means 不需要了、不必了,it's more polite. ——没用 as a phrase = 没有使用 e.g. 这部电脑没用杀毒软件。 as an adjective = useless; incapable, e.g. 那个杀毒软件真没用。or 都怪我没用,让你受委屈了。 Q2. Is 没用 always the same as 没有用? ——Yes, as a word, I can't think out an exception.
February 25, 2011
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