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more- about bike riding Cross country), AM (All mountain) , FR (Free ride) ,DH (Down hill) , EFR (Free ride Extreme) - which do u prefer to? and any special experience during bike riding? tnx in advance
Feb 26, 2011 11:29 AM
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All I prefer is the Holland bikes, which is the most beautiful experience we could have in my opinion for move. You can search images of these bikes we use in Holland principately, and other ouest European countries where it's little fashion for whose who know appreciate to make ring the bell to the passers-by at the crossroads... In China, I've also seen you got famous and vintage Flying Pigeon which are very popular in the Ouest States of USA like California... In France, we're in late on this kind of bike. Now, in Paris, a lot of people show off with "fixies" which are bike without brakes and are tuned-course bikes. They're very pretties and slim but cost a lot. In fact, I believe all these bikes cost at least 400 € except the Flying Pigeon in China, of course. There was a fashion time twenty years ago for cross bikes, after for VTT, and now like I told you :)) A good brand in France was for years "Who's your boss ?" that was very popular for riding sports like you spoke in your question.
February 26, 2011
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