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"I am into playing tennis" Is it true? after into is the verb in its ing form? Please help.
Feb 27, 2011 5:55 AM
Answers · 4
Yes, because "playing tennis" uses the gerund form. So you treat the noun-clause as a thing, not an action. "What kind of things are you into?" "I am into ______"
February 27, 2011
Yep. Perfectly correct.
February 27, 2011
"I am into play-ing tennis" should be right... However, saying " I am into playing tennis" is more of a 'slangy' version of saying " I like to play tennis a lot" or something similar..... so, it might not be the best choice if you're writing an essay... =D I might be wrong though..... by the way, Roger Federer!
February 27, 2011
Yes, it is correct. Either "I am into playing tennis" or "I am into tennis"... both forms correct.
February 27, 2011
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