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what does "blin,nu priz kak govorit moya mama,pirojok na polochke))" means? some of my friends are sending me msgs in russian in english alphabets I'm confused...can someone help me?
Feb 27, 2011 8:14 AM
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thanks guys :)
February 27, 2011
Блин (blin) means something like “(Oh) damn”, “(Oh) shit”. It's used usually when a person has not good reaction or mood in some situation and shows by word блин that he/she doesn't like it or something's wrong. Ну приз (nu priz) means - “I mean the prize” Как говорит моя мама (kak govorit moya mama) means - as/like says my mom/mum Пирожок на полочке (pirojok na polochke) means - patty's on the shelf. It says that your mom allows you to take the patty(as a prize) because you've done something good.
February 27, 2011
First of all, the phrase is written in Russian and this is forum for studding the Ukrainian language :) However, the Ukrainians are usually bilingual as the Irish (well, at least some of them), so they may know the answer. In original in should look like this: Блин, ну приз как говорит моя мама, "пирожок на полочке". and perhaps it means: Damn. Well, the prize is, like says my mum "a pasty* on the shelf". * I'm not that good in Russian, so I don't know what does the idiom "pasty on the shelf" mean. :(
February 27, 2011
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