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Are the Algerian/Canadian/Moroccan French dialects very different from the dialect used in France? I mean: if I want the French people to understand me: would it be useful if I practice with partners from the countries I mentioned above? or that will take my French down?& Tunisian French*
Feb 27, 2011 9:00 PM
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Personally, I don't recommend it at all. I have the regret to have to tell you that too many make mistakes in French, for those who come from Algeria or Marocco...Except some here or there that you can find on this site for instance and are very serious speaker. And from Canada, there is too many different expressions that we don't use in France and you may take their accent. French are not so nice and don't prevent themselves to laugh wondering when they speak with, because it's very very weird for them :)
March 2, 2011
To the best of my understanding, only the French Canadians have a different dialect than with the others. Though I'm sure that each country has their own slang terms..
March 1, 2011
I think it's quite the same.. maybe just pronunciation would be affected..but if you don't mind it's ok , french people will understand you.
March 1, 2011
French spoken by the same French is spoken by all Moroccans I mean the Arab Maghreb
February 27, 2011
Hi Heba, I learnt standard French at school and everyone understood what I was saying in France. This site offers a good explanation
February 27, 2011
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