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Everyone,how do you remember phrases when you learn foreign language?
Feb 28, 2011 2:02 PM
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Perhaps, by watching anime or dramas (with subtitles of your own language)? :D
March 1, 2011
I say the word three times to myself, then hit my head on the table, or with a book.
February 28, 2011
Learn them like they were a big word. For example, "Nice to meet you" has four syllables--so does "interesting." Just like you can learn the word "interesting" and when to use it correctly, you can do the same with the phrase, "Nice to meet you" and all the others. Also, learn one phrase perfectly before trying to learn different versions of it (e.g., "It's a pleasure to meet you," "delighted to meet you," "nice meeting you," etc.).
February 28, 2011
- when I use it in my daily life - when I write down some phrases , if I find it hard to remember - trying to visualize the situation in which I will use the words / phrases - I read the words / phrases with it's context - to remember it's meaning and usage .
February 28, 2011
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