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Eduardo Luft de Almeida
When we use the "s" at the end of verbs? like: uses, wants... please give examples
28 de feb de 2011 19:51
Answers · 5
For He/She/It, examples: He wantS to go to the cinema (positive) DoeS He want to go to the cinema? (question) He doeS not want to go to the cinema (negative)
28 de Febrero de 2011
we add s,es or ies to verbs when the verb is in the present simple tense and the subject is third person singular(he/she/it) i use my computer a lot. sam uses his computer a lot. i want a cup of tea. Sarah wants a cup of tea. we watch TV in the evening. he watches Tv in the evening. they study their lessons every day. she studies her lessons every day. i like milk. the cat likes milk.
28 de Febrero de 2011
We use the "s" when a man or woman (other than myself) or thing does something: "I like pizza" vs. "He likes pizza"
28 de Febrero de 2011
I think that it is easier to use English without conjugating verbs. It makes speaking much easier! Of course it makes you a bit harder to understand.
28 de Febrero de 2011
Eduardo Luft de Almeida
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