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How do you say "I am happy"... is it "Tôi vui"? or am I missing something?
Mar 2, 2011 6:06 AM
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the correct anwser is : I'm happy
March 8, 2011
hi guy, In vietnamese, when expressing feeling using adjectives, we often add "lắm" or rất" ex: tôi rất vui, tôi vui lắm equivalent to I am very pleased tôi rất hạnh phúc, tôi hạnh phúc lắm = i am very happy Tôi mừng lắm, tôi rất mừng = i am very glad If you say " tôi vui or tôi mừng or tôi hạnh phúc" it sounds not so natural. However sometimes in a certain context, those expressions is perfectly ok for ex: when someone asks you "bạn có vui/ hạnh phúc không?" and you're so deeply happy and a bit moved, surprised, awkward, shy, etc, you might say them without adding "lắm" or "rất". But normally, just say: tôi vui lắm, tôi hạnh phúc lắm, tôi buồn lắm, tôi mừng lắm, tôi giận lắm, etc hope it helps.
March 20, 2011
TOI VUI!its sound very nice or "TOI HANH PHUC".....its ok too!
March 9, 2011
Although "Tôi vui" sounds quite cold but it's OK."Happy" can be translated to "Hạnh phúc" .Here are some expressions you can use to show you are in a good mood. - Tôi vui lắm. ( don't forget to smile :-) ) - Tôi có một tuổi thơ hạnh phúc. - Tôi vui mừng với kết quả đạt được. - Lòng khấp khởi mừng rơn. - Nhảy cẩn lên vì vui sướng. The following sentences can be used in more informal cases: - vui ơi là vui. - Vui quá đi thôi. - Vui quá xá. - Thật là vui. That's all I can think now. I hope this answer will have additon from some Vietnamese friends.
March 2, 2011
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