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Some questions here from a Korean newbie 안녕하세요~! I have some questions here regarding Korean suffixes. 1) what's the difference between ....해 and .....해야해 ? As in : 공부해! and 공부해야해! 2) difference in meaning caused by .....서? (세상에/세상에서) (보면/보면서) 3. meaning of ...... 음? (ex. 없음) 4. ...... 랑 ? (나랑, 너랑 .....) anyway, I'm new here on italki. learning Korean as a hobby. glad to meet you all :)
Mar 2, 2011 11:25 AM
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1) '해' means 'do'. '해야 해' means 'have to do'. So '공부해' is 'study/studies' and '공부해야 해' is 'has/have to study'. 2) '-에' refers to static location. '-에서' refers to the location of some action. It's a bit of an oversimplification but generally true. 3) '-음' (or just 'ㅁ' for verb stems ending in a vowel) is one way of making a noun from a verb. So 없다's root is '없' and you add '-음' to mean "not existing'. 4) '-랑' (or '이랑' after words ending in a consonant) means "with". It's somewhat informal. Enjoy your Korean studies!
March 2, 2011
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