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I want to learn Japanese, is this the best way? I want to learn Japanese by starting off with Rosetta Stone. W  I want to learn Japanese by starting off with Rosetta Stone. What I like about this is that all the vocabulary I learn will not be forgotten and I will be able to understand what people are saying. However it won't teach me anything about grammar. So I was wondering what program would be good for grammar, Pinsler, Berlits, Tell me more, those type of programs ( please don't restrict to these just programs). I was also wondering if this was the best way to learn Japanese. I want to learn the vocabulary first, then I want to learn Grammar, Then after that I'll want to see about writing and reading it. Is this a good idea, and has anyone who have tried to learn Japanese or are a native speaker think this is a good idea or bad idea. I want to do it this way because of the complexity of the language. Also I will probably be taking a Japanese class in college, however it will be a while before that is possible.
Mar 2, 2011 12:31 PM
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I have studied japanese for some time now, started out with Pimsleur and tried the Rosetta Stone program just recently. I have no idea how they can charge so much for this stuff. Contentwise you will not get very far with them and there is no magical key to learning that these softwares/cds represent. For the same kind of money you can buy 10-20 books WITH cds and you will get much more in terms of grammar and way more vocabulary plus writing skills.
March 2, 2011
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