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what does this mean in english ? " 아닌지는 모르겠고 그냥 느낌이 좋네 니가 어떤사람인지 궁금해 아무튼 기회되면 봐~ 만날사람은 만나게 되니까 " i'm always afraid to understand wrong T_T so i want to be sure~
Mar 2, 2011 6:46 PM
Answers · 2
Something like this: It may not be (that you're the right one for me), but I just have a good feeling (about you). I'm curious what kind of person you are. Anyway, let's see (each other) if we have a chance~ You end up meeting who you're meant to meet, so...
March 3, 2011
english is meaning for me everything
March 3, 2011
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