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It is hard to park my car or my car is hard to park. Which is correct?
Mar 3, 2011 3:47 PM
Answers · 6
it is hard to park my car: implies that something else besides the car is making it hard to park like the space is too small or you're just bad at parking cars. My car is hard to park: implies that the problem is the car, like the car is just obnoxiously huge or long
March 3, 2011
Strictly the former; but it will cause a problem that in that case they always speak wrong in cases like this. The logic rephrase for the latter should kind of be: The car is hard to be parked. However, they never say like that. Suggest you choose the former all the time, when taking an exam.
March 4, 2011
Neither is correct. Correct is: It's hard to park around here. If you want to be more specific, you can say: It's hard to park a car around here, but easy to park a motorcycle. If you say: "It's hard to park my car", then you are saying there is something wrong with your car.
March 3, 2011
both mean same
March 3, 2011
It's flexible I guess.
March 3, 2011
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