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How often should I use 。(full stop) when writing in Japanese? Also, should I seperate words with spaces as I do in English?
Mar 4, 2011 3:48 AM
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Let me often should we use" 。"? is almost once in 8.9seconds I think. No no no... Please think that "。" is same as "." in English. And we do not add space between each words normally, but we use" 、". It is almost same as "," in English. For an example, 私は蛙です。実際、本物の蛙ではありませんが同じ顔をしています。 I am a frog. Actually, I am not real frog but we have same face.
March 4, 2011
Usually, when you have ~ます/ません/ました/ませんでした/です/でしたetc, you have to finish the sentence and put 「。」. 私はかえるが好きです、かえるも私が好きです。(incorrect) should be 私はかえるが好きです。かえるも私が好きです。 I like frogs. Frogs like me, too. 「~から(, so)」「~けど/ が(,but)」are exceptions. If you put these words after ~ます/ません/ました/ませんでした/です/でしたetc, then you can continue. 私はかえるが好きですから、かえるを飼っています。 I like frogs, so I have frogs as pets. 私はかえるが好きですけど、かえるは私が好きじゃありません。 I like frogs, but frogs don't like me.
March 4, 2011
At the end of every sentence!
March 4, 2011
there are no spaces. 。should indicate end of sentence I think
March 4, 2011
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