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what does "to have something in the ball" mean?
Mar 4, 2011 8:59 PM
Answers · 3
I don't know, but there is another idiom "to have something ON the ball"--is that what you mean? This idiom means that a person is clever or knowledgeable about something, or operating at his best level. Example: "When it comes to poker, he's really on the ball."
March 4, 2011
IDIOM: have something on the ball MEANING 1: to throw a ball with a twist, curve etc, SENTENCE 1: The pitcher has something on the ball and struck out the batter. Elroy Face put a lot on the ball. He had a split-fingered fast ball. MEANING 2: capable and skilled SENTENCE 2: We should hire her. She has a lot on the ball. DERIVATION: In baseball, the pitcher plays a more important role than in the English "rounders" from which baseball developed (The first baseballl game was played in l847). By spinning the ball, usually by using saliva or "spit", American pitchers could strike out batters easily. He was then said to "have something on the ball". The expression was soon used to mean anyone who is effective or skilled at what he does. In 1920 the "spitball" rule began. This stated that any pitcher putting any "foreign substance" on the ball would be suspended from playing.
March 4, 2011
Did you mean to say "to have something in the bag"?
March 5, 2011
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