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What does this mean? Ello, as you all know I'm quite the Curious George about everything. I saw this posted and tried to decipher it myself, but I can't make sense of it. Any help from my lovely Korean friends? 첫사랑을 떠올리면 연상되는 색깔이나 노래
Mar 5, 2011 6:29 PM
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첫사랑을 떠올리면 연상되는 색깔이나 노래 첫사랑 first love 연상 association 색깔 color 노래 song 떠오르다 means "to float". 떠올리다 is a causative form of "떠오르다", means "떠오르게 하다". In English, you would say just "if you think of your first love" to mean "첫사랑을 떠올리면". In 연상되다, -되다 is added to mean "to become/happen/come to...". 생각되다, 걱정되다 are other examples. I'd translate the whole phrase like this: The color or song that you are associated with when you think of your first love
March 6, 2011
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