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Forest Chen
I don't know how to improve my listening skill and oral English efficient , Can sb help me ?~
Mar 7, 2011 8:21 AM
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Before improving your speaking skills , you need to improve your listening and reading skills because it will help you understand English better and you can learn many new words and sentences structures and different styles , that you will need it while speaking to the others . 1- Listening ( listen to your favorite songs or audio books ) 2-reading ( your favorite books or stories ) 3- speaking ( speak with your friends , record your voice to correct your errors ) Good luck ^_^
March 8, 2011
1. Find Language Partners - Click on 'Language Partners' to find a native speaker to practice oral communication or just to learn about other cultures. 2. Find a Language Teacher - You can find a professional teacher when you click on 'Language Teachers' to formally instruct you. Or you can hire a tutor to help you with your homework or materials. Good luck !!!
March 8, 2011
March 7, 2011
Forest Chen
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