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Who could help me improve my spoken English ?
Mar 7, 2011 2:12 PM
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Before improving your speaking skills , you need to improve your listening and reading skills because it will help you understand English better and you can learn many new words and sentences structures and different styles , that you will need it while speaking to the others . 1- Listening ( listen to your favorite songs or audio books ) 2-reading ( your favorite books or stories ) 3- speaking ( speak with your friends , record your voice to correct your errors ) Good luck ^_^
March 8, 2011
Here are some easy steps for learning English for free using Italki resources. 在italki上有一些学习英语的免费资源。 1. Find Language Partners - Click on 'Language Partners' to find a native speaker to practice oral communication or just to learn about other cultures. 找语言伙伴 - 到语言伙伴中去寻找,要主动一点。可以从简单的对话开始交流。 2. Ask Questions - Have something specific you don't understand about another language? Click on Answers and get free help from the italki member community. 问一些跟学习语言相关的问题,母语是英语的用户会很乐意帮助你来学习他们的语言。 3. Discuss in Groups - Click on 'Groups' if you want to ask for help or offer help in a language. You can also discuss issues like culture, arts, society, travel or anything else you can think of. 参加一些学习小组。学习小组里有一些不错的学习资源,可以先看看,了解了解别人是怎么学习的。 4. View and Download Free Language Learning Resources - Click on 'Knowledge' and 'Resources' to get textbooks, podcasts, notes and other helpful guides. italki同时也提供一些学习的建议和一些免费的资源,这些资源都是用户主动分享给大家的。 5. Find a Language Teacher - You can find a professional teacher when you click on 'Language Teachers' to formally instruct you. Or you can hire a tutor to help you with your homework or materials. 如果你的经济上允许,你也可以找一名专业的教师来帮助你。italki上有不少的英语教师资质都是不错的。并且价格也相对一些培训机构的便宜很多。 6. Write a Notebook entry - Get helpful corrections from other native speakers for you Writing. 在italki上你可以练习你的写作。通过italki的小作文功能,你写的文章会被母语是英语的热心用户帮助你矫正你的写作问题。 Good luck !!! 祝你好运!!!
March 8, 2011
You must listen and repeat, alone or with partner. Practising with a friend internet or no. Practice, practice and practice. Don't leave of practice never.
March 7, 2011
you must listen and repeat
March 7, 2011
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