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What does the word 节 mean here, 节日快乐 and 反正今天你过节 why say these two things to an unwell person? What does the word 节 have to do with feeling better, 节日快乐 and 反正今天你过节, why say these two things to an unwell person? I have looked in several dictionaries and I can not find a meaning for 节 that makes any sense in this context especially 节日快乐, Happy festival :S Why would you say that?
Mar 8, 2011 2:14 AM
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字典上「過節」 有兩個意義: 一是: 度過節日。 宋˙陸游˙辛酉冬至詩:「家貧輕過節,身老怯增年。」 「節日快樂」則是問候語。 「反正今天你過節」是帶有輕視意味的、不情願的讓步表達方式, 說話者希望爭執即刻結束。 若發言當時恰逢婦女節,則可解釋為: 「你是女人,今天又是婦女節,我尊重女人,罷了,我不再跟你爭了!」 以上的「節」是「有特殊意義,值得慶賀或紀念的日子」之意。 如:「春節」﹑「青年節」。 但是,「過節」另有第二個意義,即「嫌隙糾紛」。 如:「他們之間有很深的過節,很難讓他們拋棄恩怨,彼此合作。」 彼此談話過程中,產生誤會,任憑我方如何解釋,都無法獲得對方採信, 這時,「反正今天你過節」一語,配合節日,可能是一句雙關語, 隱含「反正今天你(跟我有)過節」之意,用以反諷對方。 以上的「節」是「事情的經過情形」之意。如:「情節」﹑「細節」。 不過,依你的問題,據 an unwell person 一語判斷, 是對方覺得你因生理的不適,引發彼此在交談上的不愉快, 所以對方用「你在過節」來反諷你。 以上的「節」是「時令的區分」之意。如:「季節」。 而在此,是把女人的生理週期比擬為「時令」的意味。 (unwell形容詞 1 身體不好的, 生病的, 不舒服的2 在生理期的, 月經來潮的) 你的問題,該適用何義,請自行推敲。
March 8, 2011
hi um...Miss Beth (is that right ?) haha~ i think i know what you mean your question is why often say this two sentence to somebody unwell in some conditions. let me tell you if i didn't get your meaning wrong.. some times we say these things to someone only for kidding and maybe more than sometimes like,if today is women's day,and i say "今天你过节" to a man,then that would mean the man act like a woman or just teasing him. and another example like:if today is children's day and i say to a man:"节日快乐" then that would means sometimes he is naive or he looks like younger than he actually is. anyway,it's a way for's a polite way to pull someone's leg who's close to you is that clear Miss Beth?! Find me if you need any question on chinese learning~~
March 12, 2011
I guess I know what's your mean . (节日)--“节”means " holiday " . and in Chinese ,“过节”has two meaning ,one is use a verb ,and another one is use as a noun . When it's used as a verb ,it means pass the holiday ,or enjoy the hoilday . but when it use as a noun ,it means somebody have unwell things with others . Hope my explain can let you understand of it . For more talking , you can add my MSN .
March 8, 2011
节 means time of year; season The phrase means happy holidays. Don't know anything about the unwell person stuff.
March 8, 2011
I dont quit understand ur question, can u expain in other words or way? 节in Chinese means festival and to unwell person and if u want to say "wish him/her better", u can say 祝你早日康复 or 你会好起来的.
March 8, 2011
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