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Danny Kim
Please make a correction when you see something wrong!! Why am I still single? There are several reasons including just a joke. Laugh it away. First reason is that I‘m not a man of a good charactar. I have no ability to make a person to be pleasant, especially woman. Women seem to like a funny guys. Second, I have bad looks. May be true. I addition, I’am small as men go. Most of women prefer to find a taller guys, even shortest woman. I think so. Third, I was really poor. Of course, now I’m not. In most cases, If men don’t have enough money on them, they get lose confidence. Fourth, There was no woman in (my) mind until these days. But people say that I have too high standards. Of course I'm so picky. I prefer her to be Christiann. Both of them mean same? When I was younger, I looked for a girl with long straight hair like a cartoon character. Anyone would have thought that, if man is. Fifth, Maybe I am not yet awakened from the illusion about marriage. The illusion seems to be sweet but haze. I also know that. Someone has to wake me up as soon as possible. Sixth, Disappointed in love, I have a fear of love. I should erase from my memories. Seventh, Because I’m getting older. I would be a little tired with age, if I would have to speculate about the opposite sex. final reason, Now I’m so busy studying English, Japanese and watching soccer game, playing Golf, and so on… Of course, if I make a nice girl friend, I’m sure to be busy seeing her. ※ Thank you very much for your kindness~!!
Mar 8, 2011 3:39 AM
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hmm... it would be better if you write these things in the NOTEBOOK for easier correction. basic correction: 1. character / women seem to like funny guyS 2. IN addition, I am a small guy / most women prefer tall guys 3. "Third, I was really poor. Of course, now I’m not." - to me, it appears not relevant / men may loose their confidence for having no money. 4. I prefer a Christian (lover) / "Both of them mean same?" (what do you mean by this?) 7. I would be a little tired of speculatING about the opposite sex at my age. :)
March 8, 2011
Why you talk so negative about yourself? Do you have an inferiority complex? We don't know what will happen tomorrow so why not enjoy life now.
September 8, 2011
Danny Kim
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