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if it's useful just watching TV plays or movies to learning English?
9 de mar de 2011 5:21
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Yes it is vital. For more tips go to
9 de Marzo de 2011
Personally, I think it depends. If you intend to brush up your speaking and listening skills, I think watching movies or dramas is a great idea. However, if your intention is to pick up and polishing English conversation, I think it will be more effective if you could engage yourself in real conversation as often as possible. By doing this, not only you can practise on the pronunciation and listening, you can condition your mind to response naturally to exchange of ideas in English. Of course, the process of internal translation, in your case, between English and Chinese, can be further strengthened and enhanced. Hope this helps. Cheers!
9 de Marzo de 2011
I think it is a great idea, the human mind tends to think in pictures, so when you watch a good movie, you will make word associations with the pictures and that is a great way to learn, also to have fun! This will help your vocabulary for sure! so rent some movies, and try write a review or summery of it :)
9 de Marzo de 2011
Yes it is.The language comes from life ,i think it is a good idea to learn english by watching TV
9 de Marzo de 2011
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