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How could it be? Last March, I met an Indian man on my way to part-time job's workplace. Then, we became friends. It would be a nice thing if our relationship lasted. However, his wife sent me a message to requst me not to keep touch with her spouse! I told her that I have boyfriend, but it helped nothing. So, I haven't associated with him any more. I just can not understand why our friendship be so weak. Is it because he is a married man? Or country's difference?
Mar 9, 2011 6:04 AM
Answers · 3
Well, you see it as a normal friendship, right? What about the guy? Maybe he thinks otherwise? Perhaps, you can say that his wife is just being paranoid, but that's pretty normal. Maybe, it is not the friendship that is weak, it's the mind of the persons involved (not including you I guess).
March 9, 2011
Sort of interesting. He should break up with his wife, maybe?
March 9, 2011
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